Second AYP Summit

THE second AYP Summit with 152 participants from 30 different sectors and government authorities was held in Kabul Intercontinental on 19th Dec 2019. Business people keenly participated in the Second Summit also most of them, fortunately, reached their expected objectives for one year.

The diversity in business was really interesting in the event which were form many sectors like Construction, logistics, Education, Health, Media, and so on which were national and international companies; some of them participated from our neighbor countries that were satisfied from the event. The AYP Team was excited for the Second Summit as they worked hard while they faced many challenges during Summit preparation to again make the opportunity for business community. After one year again the business people had received a chance to came together and have the space for sharing, and showing their initiatives, Services and products in the AYP Summit’s tables.

Second Summit was a little different from the first as we change the place, the context, and the management of the event. It was designed based on our client’s suggestions. The event was for one day with the convenient and possible facilities for national and international business people. The event context included Key speeches, exhibition, singing discount agreement, Launch of the AYP pages 1398 edition, and network session for businesses. In addition, we would like to illustrate more about the discount agreement which aims to completely fulfill all parties need and expectations. The agreement which provide a clear understanding of what parties expect from each other facilities, it also presents guidelines for facilitating the development of collaborative relationships through discount and special offers between business sectors with participation of hundreds of businesses and organizations.

It gives specific recommendations regarding the development circle economy of Afghanistan and as well as available methods that can be used in building effective relationships between this agreement parties. Participants who were member of discount agreement really appreciated the initiative from AYP as they used out of the discount card during one year and also they are happy which other businesses used from their services, Arya Servo which is an enterprise that depicts a sustainable business model, focused on development of electric and power in Afghanistan and believes in quality for both services and products used form their discount card to provide services and used from other parties services. Overall the second AYP Summit was the program that business communities dreamed for participating and making a good relationship with other parties.  

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